Love in Prague is a coldwave duet.
Benoît creates the core of the music and then Chloé adds her catchy melodic bass lines.
Ambient guitar, offbeat rhythms and dark lyrics, Love in Prague is an UFO somewhere between coldwave, post-punk & shoegaze.

They decided to give birth to their first self-produced EP ‘Lost days’ in 2008.
Their second EP ‘Ice ages’ has been digitally released in 2011.

Copyright Lucas Grenier – Studio Lux

Love in Prague shared the stage with :
Crocodiles, Clan Of Xymox, Lebanon Hanover, And Also The Trees, Norma Loy, Jad Wio.

Their debut album ‘Ghost note’ was released on Kalinkaland Records in 2013 and was notably reviewed in Orkus magazine (DE) & Side-Line (BE).

Their 2nd album ‘Fallen angels’ was released on Unknown Pleasures Records in 2015 and was reviewed in underground music press in Europe and worldwide.

Their 3rd album ‘TWO‘ was released on Off World Music in 2018.

Love in Prague 4th album ‘The Same Place‘ (May 2022) is available on Off World Music.
The track ‘Insight’ from the album ‘The Same Place’ has been arranged by Stephen Hague, this unreleased remix is available on Bandcamp.